Real Witches Ride Vacuums!

Happy Hallowe’en Everyone!
Of course, there are no real witches and if there were, they wouldn’t be riding vacuums.

The vacuum cleaner is an apparatus that creates a partial vacuum and is used to suck up dust and dirt. It uses an air pump to create a vacuum, and it is used to clean floors, but it can also clean other surfaces. What a vacuum cleaner sucks into itself is collected into a dust bag or a cyclone and later disposed of. Today, there are many sizes and models of a vacuum cleaner, from hand-held variants that are powered by batteries to industrial models that can vacuum several hundred litres of dust to vacuum cleaners that are the size (and shape) of a truck that is used to clean large spills or to remove contaminated soil.

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Some of the earliest home vacuum cleaners needed two people to operate them – one to vacuum and the other to push or pull the heavy machinery.

Vacuum Cleaner Manufactures Association says that 98% of households have a vacuum cleaner.
One of the advices for how to clean carpets, before vacuum cleaners, was to sprinkle a carpet with tealeaves. Idea was that this attracted dust and dirt to the surface and made it ready to be swept. It didn’t work.

America’s first female corporate CEO was Anna Bissell who took over the job after he husband Melville Bissell died. She was a CEO of BISSELL Company which manufactured carpet sweepers – predecessors of vacuum cleaners.

Brushes on attachment of a vacuum cleaner do the most of the cleaning.
Some modern vacuum cleaners can vacuum water and liquids. Earlier cleaners couldn’t do that (or they could but for a very short time and then they would explode.)

There are vacuum cleaners that are equipped with sensors that tell when a surface has been sufficiently cleaned.

Rambo Amadeus, a Belgrade-based Montenegrin singer-songwriter, has a practice to sometimes make performances which include playing on household appliances among which are predominant vacuum cleaners.

Woman from Kent bought an Electrolux’s vacuum cleaner in 1930’s and used it until 2008 when it blew up in the middle of the work. Electrolux gave her a new model.

Although robotic vacuum cleaners work well and keep house cleaner, they still cannot completely replace cleaning with standard vacuum cleaners.

Hoover was so successful in selling his vacuum cleaner because he offered ten days free trial for interested customers.


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