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Gerrards leather cleaning service offers professional cleaning and conditioning of pigmented or protected leather furniture. This type of leather has a polymer coating which increases durability of your leather and is perfect for our leather cleaning process.

Our two-step process consists of:

  • Cleaning – We deep clean by hand to remove dirt using a wet cleaning method.
  • Condition – This adds moisture to nourish, protect and enhance the look and feel of the leather.

                            Attention to detail is very much part of our service.

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Leather furniture in your home provides comfort and beauty.  With a reputation for durability and a long life, your leather furniture can be a part of your home furnishings for a lifetime. So, don’t let the colour fade or appearance deteriorate beyond repair. We suggest having your leather furniture cleaned and conditioned every one to two years.

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To determine this we need to find out if your leather furniture absorbs moisture?

This is easy to test:
Put a drop of water, no more than a quarter of a teaspoon, in an inconspicuous place and see if it soaks into the leather and leaves a darker mark (don’t worry this will dry out!)
This is a very good indication that you have an Aniline style leather, if it sits on top of the leather (see pic) it is more than likely polymer coated leather.

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A Guide to Buying the right Leather Furniture for your Lifestyle: 

In short, there are a vast amount of leather types that you could opt to find a sofa in, but most are easily divided into three categories: aniline leather, pigmented leather and semi-aniline leather.

Aniline Leather is the most natural-looking leather but is less protected and less resistant to stains. It is the purest kind of leather, and you’ll find that no pigments are used in the tanning process – this means you’ll be able to really see the true character of the leather. As well as giving a more natural look, aniline leather is also hard-wearing. Only the best hides are used to produce this leather, which is why this unprotected material can be costly. This type of leather cannot be wet cleaned.

Pigmented (or Protected) Leather has a polymer coating which increases durability but reduces the authentic leather appearance.

Semi-Aniline lives in between those two categories.

It’s worth noting, too, that all leathers naturally have defects – that is part of the charm of the material. No two leathers are ever the same, and the best leather (which comes from the top of the animal) will typically be home to the most defects.

Environmental factors have an impact on the appearance of the material, taking elements like cleanliness, insect effects and habitat safety into account – these can all leave marks upon the leather. However, these are often removed during leather correction processes. Here, the leather can be pigmented, bleached, dyed, embossed or given colour additives to create the perfect tone. These complex processes are why leather sofas are costlier than their fabric counterparts, but the finished piece is far more durable.

It’s worth remembering that all leather sofa types have their own benefits. Nothing is ever entirely stain resistant, but you’re more likely able to wipe spills off a bonded leather sofa than an aniline one. Whereas if you have pets, aniline is a great option as it’ll be more resistant to scratches! In short, it’s essential to select a sofa that best fits into your lifestyle to ensure longevity.

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