Real Witches Ride Vacuums!

Happy Hallowe’en Everyone!
Of course, there are no real witches and if there were, they wouldn’t be riding vacuums.

The vacuum cleaner is an apparatus that creates a partial vacuum and is used to suck up dust and dirt. It uses an air pump to create a vacuum, and it is used to clean floors, but it can also clean other surfaces. What a vacuum cleaner sucks into itself is collected into a dust bag or a cyclone and later disposed of. Today, there are many sizes and models of a vacuum cleaner, from hand-held variants that are powered by batteries to industrial models that can vacuum several hundred litres of dust to vacuum cleaners that are the size (and shape) of a truck that is used to clean large spills or to remove contaminated soil.

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Some of the earliest home vacuum cleaners needed two people to operate them – one to vacuum and the other to push or pull the heavy machinery.

Vacuum Cleaner Manufactures Association says that 98% of households have a vacuum cleaner.
One of the advices for how to clean carpets, before vacuum cleaners, was to sprinkle a carpet with tealeaves. Idea was that this attracted dust and dirt to the surface and made it ready to be swept. It didn’t work.

America’s first female corporate CEO was Anna Bissell who took over the job after he husband Melville Bissell died. She was a CEO of BISSELL Company which manufactured carpet sweepers – predecessors of vacuum cleaners.

Brushes on attachment of a vacuum cleaner do the most of the cleaning.
Some modern vacuum cleaners can vacuum water and liquids. Earlier cleaners couldn’t do that (or they could but for a very short time and then they would explode.)

There are vacuum cleaners that are equipped with sensors that tell when a surface has been sufficiently cleaned.

Rambo Amadeus, a Belgrade-based Montenegrin singer-songwriter, has a practice to sometimes make performances which include playing on household appliances among which are predominant vacuum cleaners.

Woman from Kent bought an Electrolux’s vacuum cleaner in 1930’s and used it until 2008 when it blew up in the middle of the work. Electrolux gave her a new model.

Although robotic vacuum cleaners work well and keep house cleaner, they still cannot completely replace cleaning with standard vacuum cleaners.

Hoover was so successful in selling his vacuum cleaner because he offered ten days free trial for interested customers.


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Over a third of your life is spent at work!

Shouldn’t it be clean?


Office Carpet Cleaning

Clean Carpet…
It just makes sense!
Your staff appreciates a clean environment.
Your customers appreciate a clean environment.
You appreciate a clean environment.
Clean surroundings contribute to a more productive and more profitable business.
The EPA recommends cleaning carpets for health:
“Every time carpets and fabrics are emptied of their pollution build-up through professional cleaning methods, there is a health benefit.”
For just a few pennies per square foot you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive environment.

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We can show you how your carpets can look terrific every day of the year!
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How to Tackle A Liquid Spillage!

The first mistake made by most people is to panic! The second is to scrub the spillage! The third is to over-wet the area! And fourth to liberally apply one shop bought stain remover after another!

Gerrards spotter. (2015_10_03 09_36_17 UTC)-004

How should you deal with it?

If you Google ‘red wine stain removal’ you’ll find all manner of suggestions and remedies.
Some are extremely sensible; others seem to literally suggest throwing the kitchen sink at the problem.
While some of the ‘hip’ lifestyle websites or ‘cleanfluencer’ Instagram and Facebook posts seem to offer you many number of so called solutions, some of them require you to either have a PHD in chemistry or suggest you wave a magic wand, while standing on your head and counting to ten in Chinese.
But while you may not be able to remove all traces of the spillage yourself (particularly if it’s been lying in the carpet too long) here’s what you should actually do:
1. Act quickly. At first, it’s a spillage, and not yet a stain.
2. Using a white towel or kitchen roll, press all your weight on the spillage, even standing on the towel to blot up as much as possible. This may take a few minutes but is worth the time and patience.
3. Check to see if much of the spillage has been transferred to the towel or kitchen roll and replace with a clean one as often as necessary. Do not be tempted to rub or scrub the stain.
4. Once no more colour is being transferred, dab a clean towel with a small amount of water and continue blotting the stain for few minutes.
5. Now place another clean dry towel over the stain and stamp on it again, even adding a something heavy on top of the towel for a while to absorb as much of the spillage as possible.
6. Assess the spillage area afterwards and if any colour remains, call a professional carpet cleaner.

The above process is pretty effective, and at the very least will remove the worst of the spillage while causing no further damage to your carpet or making it more difficult
(or impossible) for a professional to remove.

Gerrards leave all our customers a free bottle of our professional stain remover after each job. If you have one of these follow the instructions above numbers 1 to 5 and then use the spray following the instructions on the label very carefully.


As always, if in any doubt, please do call us on 01942 864474 for further advice.

Oriana – A Very Proud Legacy!

Today 9th August with a tear in our eye, we said goodbye to Oriana for the very last time. Gerrards have maintained the carpets upholstery and soft furnishings on board
MV Oriana since her maiden voyage back in 1995.

Back in the early 1990’s P&O took a huge gamble with their vision of UK cruising into the 21st Century. I don’t think even the most optimistic of those in the industry at that time could have ever envisaged just what the UK cruise market would become by 2019.

When she was built in 1995, Oriana was the first new ship commissioned for P&O Cruises, and the first to be designed specifically for the British cruise market. She was also designed in the style of an ocean liner to facilitate long distance voyages and world cruises. She is the longest serving ship in the fleet, having been in continuous service with the company since she was launched. Her design was so well thought out, that even today, her passenger space is hard to beat.

        Here are some old photographs of us working on board Oriana back in 1995.

Oriana 6

                                                                        Oriana 1995

Oriana 1-001

                                                                        Oriana 2019

Oriana throughout her service held the Golden Cockerel as the fastest ship in the
 P&O Cruises fleet, replacing SS Canberra. When Oriana left the fleet today the Golden Cockerel was handed over to her sister ship, Arcadia. Oriana was the oldest, and longest-serving, ship in the P&O fleet.

Oriana 2-001


                                                                    One last look.


Her final port of call as ‘Oriana’ was to Belfast on August 7th, 2019 before returning to Southampton one final time. She was sold to a Chinese company and has now been
re-named ‘Piano Land’. She had been leased back to P&O for the last few months in order to complete her final voyages with P&O. The ship will sail to China and be re-fitted before sailing out of Xiamen for her newly formed owners, Well Star Travel Cruises.

We wish MV Piano Land all the very best for her future!

How to avoid being scammed by the Bait & Switch technique!

Whilst most carpet and upholstery cleaning companies do their very best to provide a high-quality service at a fair price, there are some individuals and carpet cleaning franchises that are less ethical and employ bait-and-switch tactics on unsuspecting customers.

Bait & Switch-001

The bait-and-switch con is usually spotted in online or leaflet advertising with a company permanently promoting particularly cheap offers such as prices starting at £15, one room any size for £15, or a whole house for £50 etc.

What then usually happens is that the carpet cleaning representative will try to raise the agreed price with additional hidden charges. These are often explained by stating that “you were quoted for a basic clean, but your carpets need a deep clean” or “you need specific additional chemicals or special process not covered by the offer to remove these types of stains.”

Simply put, the “bait” is the misleading offer, and the “switch” is the attempt to scam the customer into paying an inflated price. And if the customer doesn’t agree to the new price, the clean is usually very rushed and the offending company out the door as soon as possible to minimise time and money spent on the job.

Unfortunately, this tactic is still being used in the UK even though it became illegal in 2008.

How to avoid being scammed by bait-and-switch

Firstly, we recommend avoiding any company that is currently advertising any suspiciously cheap deals. It’s simple mathematics:

A carpet cleaning franchise operator simply wouldn’t make a reasonable living if he were to clean carpets at the prices advertised (after paying franchise fees, running costs etc.).

And if they did manage to do so, it would be at the expense of any sort of quality service because jobs would have to be completed at breakneck speed in order to cram as many appointments as possible into their working week.

Granted, there are sometimes genuine reasons for having to increase the price of a job:
The rooms may be significantly larger than described.
There may be additional areas or rooms added.

But aggressively pushing an inflated price on a customer and then carrying out a sub standard service when they decline is simply not acceptable. 

Always do your homework and if possible get recommendations from family and friends.