Spring Clean Survey…


As part of National Spring Cleaning Week the general public were asked to help with a Spring Clean Survey to undercover general attitudes towards cleanliness and cleaning habits.

The survey found that around 40% of typical households considered it rude if guests did not take their shoes off when visiting their house. However, around 8 to 10% of those admitted to wearing their own shoes around the house.

The survey revealed that 70% of people had brought mud into their home, and 25% admitted to treading dog poo in their carpet. Dog faeces carries a wealth of bacteria, and if it is not removed promptly and correctly, it can be passed on to adults, children and other animals. Professional cleaning can ensure elimination of such germs and bacteria.

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Interestingly, over 25% of those surveyed said that they’d changed a baby’s nappy on the carpet. Some carpets may look clean on the surface, but the visible grime we notice is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Over 85% of soil is buried deep within the carpet pile, and most domestic vacuum cleaners and steamers haven’t got what it takes to get rid of these deep-down germs.
Professional cleaning not only improves the appearance of carpets and upholstery, but also creates a more hygienic environment, by removing accumulated soil and debris.
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It is not uncommon to rest on our sofas when feeling unwell, so it is crucial to keep your home clean to prevent spreading germs further around the house, and even to the wider community. NHS research has shown that two thirds of Britons don’t follow basic hygiene, which makes the need for regular, professional cleaning all the more important.

Love it or Hate it!



P&O have announced the name of their new ship which will come in to service in 2020.

As you know, we were hoping for it to be named Canberra, the first P&O ship we travelled and worked on. Who knows maybe they’re waiting for the second ship on order which is due to be launched in 2022 to have the beautiful name of Canberra!

Fingers Crossed!

P&O Cruises to announce name for new ship this week!

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P&O Cruises are planning to reveal the name of its new ship later this week after receiving 30,000 suggestions from the British public.

The 5,200-passenger ship is due to enter service in 2020 and its name will be revealed on Thursday (May 24) at 4pm on the brand’s Facebook’s page.

P&O ran a competition last year when it invited members of the public to come up with their suggested names for the ship.

Canberra was the first P & O cruise ship Gerrards worked on and it was the start of our marine carpet and upholstery cleaning career 25 years ago.

So personally we are hoping the new ship will be named CANBERRA. 

Back From Their World Cruises

Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth have both arrived in Southampton this morning after completing their 2018 World Voyages.

Gerrards Carpet cleaners were there to greet them and to get straight to work.

We cleaned The Lido Buffet Restaurant Portside, before new passengers embark on their Baltic Highlights cruise for 14 nights. The Starboard side will be cleaned on Queen Elizabeth’s return back to Southampton on 24th May.


Oh, how we love our job!