Happy Birthday!

Cleaning a dusty carpet, or a remote corner of a room is no big deal if you have a vacuum cleaner. Ever wondered who to credit for inventing this very handy household item? ..
British engineer Hubert Cecil Booth. The idea of a hygienic way to clean dust occurred to Booth while attending a demonstration of American machines in London. He observed that cleaning machines blew or brushed dirt away making it a messy affair overall. Booth thought of designing a machine that would suck up dust instead.

Today marks the 147th birthday of Hubert Cecil Booth. One of his machines was a large horse drawn gas driven machine. This could often be seen parked outside of properties that were being cleaned the hose would be pulled through the windows of the building to where the carpet was being cleaned.

HC Booth machine-001   1901  

 Van 5-001  2018

One of our machines today -The HydraMaster Titan 575.




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