Gerrards Titan 875. Britain’s most Powerful Carpet Cleaning System

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The Gerrards Titan 875 is currently one of the most advanced and sophisticated Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems in the world.

Throughout our 36 year history, Gerrards have consistently invested in the most powerful cleaning systems available.

With the arrival of the latest generation of super-liners like Cunard’s magnificent Queen Mary 2, the most luxurious ocean liner ever built, there came a need for an even bigger and much more powerful system to give us the ability to clean vast areas of carpets very quickly and to an exceptionally high standard, within very tight deadlines. Fortunately the Titan 875 came into production in America and Gerrards were the first UK company to order it.

The Titan 875 offered double the power and performance of our previous system and with it the ability to clean three areas of carpet simultaneously, even on the eighteenth deck of the largest ocean liners.

Powered by a 69 horsepower 1.6 litre fuel injected engine, developing up to twenty times more cleaning power than conventional portable machines.

Three heat exchangers take water from an 90 gallon onboard tanks and in four seconds super heat it from cold to a maximum of 270 degrees F.

The 875 is capable of cleaning three areas of carpet simulaneously and can run for up to ten hours non-stop, cleaning vast areas of carpet to an exceptionally high standard and have it dry and ready to use in a little as an hour.

The Titan can operate in a variety of configurations with differing power and tempreture settings to operate at optimal performance across the domestic, commercial and marine sectors.

And - best of all, the Titan 875 offers you, the customer the highest specification cleaning and the certainty that your carpets haven’t just been cleaned, they’ve been super-cleaned with a Titan 875.

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Titan 875 next to a competitors machine.

69 versus a mere 2 horspower

No contest when it comes to quality, speed and efficiency.